Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Biddeford's 1st Art Walk of 2010

Congratulations to the organizers of the Biddeford Art Walk. Their idea of having all the artists under one roof (The Mill) during the frigid months was inspired. The crowd parked once and enjoyed the evening over and over again as they moved through the comfortable hallways and busy studios.

Old VW Bus by Diane Noble

Happily they hung the artworks of some of my favorite artists. James Cotsis' dramatic mixed media abstracts, Walter Buczacz's quirky still lifes and black and white photography and Diane Noble's cheery acrylic waterscapes were all well represented.

BryceSunrise2  by Walter's Gallery
Walter Buczacz

There was new artwork too to share. Photographer Chelsea Einsidler-Moore presented images in color that informed organization, style and what belongs by capturing individual's constructed spaces. One photo of uniform cases practiced duality- it would promise the traveler a quick exotic getaway, while conversely the tidy stack could also promise pristine order. Chelsea sold several pieces Friday evening.

The Mill has the feeling of a festival because there were so many kinds of art, food and general goodwill exhibited. Nibbling on Maine Buck Nuts, I learned all about the Community Bicycle Center from some wonderful children participating in the club. They showed photographs of intergenerational teams building bikes together, charity cycling events, mentoring, outreach transportation projects, recycling parts of wonderful art created from bike parts too far gone to use in rebuilt bikes. These kids were proud of the CBC and confidently shared their wide knowledge and demonstrated the skills they have gained alongside the bikes they have rebuilt.

One of the most interesting shops did not have any art at all. Well, it did, just not your traditional brush and canvas variety. Wandering into Warren Ellison's shop was very exciting because the art was stringed instruments. While laid out in pieces on a velvet drop-cloth, the instruments looked very much like found art. The shapes and finishes were lovely. The folks there was friendly and ready to answer any questions. Before I wandered out again I picked up a business card: Warren Ellison, Violin Maker...but could have said Violin Master.


Ceramic artist Meryl Ruth proved her point by creating some of the most whimsical tea pots ever seen. They are collectible and guaranteed to make you smile before the water is hot. Artist Shay K. Ayres of Eye Sun Holistic Massage chooses to use the tea bags to festoon her assemblage art. The Sweet Specialist offers a classic boxed combo called Tea Time that has three varieties of cookie with tea leaves. She has many other delights you should check out too.

Tea Time Cookie Box
Tea Time from The Sweet Specialist

Can't wait for Friday, February 26th, the next Art Walk at the North Dam Mill. See you there!

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